Made of 6% Aluminum and 4% Vanadium, is the most common types of titanium used in medicine and biomedical applications. Due to its harmonizing factor with the human body, this titanium alloy is popularly used in medical procedures. It’s biocompatibility makes this raw material ideal for dental applications.
Ti 6Al-4V ELI combines high fatigue strength, low weight, excellent corrosion resistance, and high toughness. PALTOP offers an expended (or expanded) collection of titanium prosthetic components for a wide-range of prosthetic applications.
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Castable components are intended for use by the dental technician for constructing the prosthetic restoration and do not have patient contact at any stage. PALTOP’s Castable Abutments are fabricated from Acetal polymer, an easily modified polymer that bonds well with common temporary materials including acrylic and composite. PALTOP offers an expanded product line of Castable abutments, for laboratory purposes.
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