Lecture & Hands-on Course
Tuesday, February 20, 2018
New York - 3 Hours
Lecturers: Dr. Michael Klein and Dr. Allon Waltuch

Dr. Michael Klein
Data collection, diagnostic wax-ups and surgical and restorative planning have been lengthy and cumbersome processes to produce a surgical guide. Current computer-guided surgical guides and systems have many limitations. Provisional restorations used at the time of implant placement can be difficult to use.

This course will introduce new workflows including surgical and restorative tools that simplify and streamline the process of diagnostic wax-up, surgical planning, restorative planning, surgical guide design, provisional restoration design and the tools to efficiently perform the surgical and restorative procedures.

A new generation of computer guidance tools for implant surgery will be introduced that address many of the limitations of existing systems. This new system increases accuracy while efficiently managing inter-arch space, has direct irrigation on the implant drills while providing full guidance for implant procedures. The digital workflow used for surgical planning and surgical guide creation is then continued for restorative planning, creating precise, effective provisional restorations with pre-selected abutments.

The Hands-On course will cover the elements necessary for data collection and planning 3rd generation fully guided implant placement. Participants will become familiar with the surgical tooling and the placement of implants with these new tools.