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Practical course in basic and advanced implantology in Dominican Republic
save the date 07-13/10/17
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  Greater New York 2017
November 24th - 29th
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  Lecture & Hands-on Course
NEW YORK February 2018
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Digital Fully Guided Paltop Hands-On
with Dr. Maurice Salama & Dr. Mickael Klein

September 08, 2017
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Matt Winstead from "Oral Arts" Visits PALTOP Factory, JUNE 2017
ORAL ARTS LABORATORIES from Alabama USA visit in PALTOP and launch of new collaboration agreement signature
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Hands On Seminar with the Innovative DIVA Implant | POLAND | MAY 2017
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37th International Dental Show Cologne, Germany, March 2017
Presenting New Innovative Features:
  • Close sinus lifting implant (patented)
  • Fully guided surgical system (patented)
  • Digital guided implant insertion key for implant height and hex orientation (patented)
  • Cement blocker to prevent cement leakage in peri-implant sulcus (patented)
  • Two new implant lines
  • New 6mm wide implant and Wide platform prosthetics
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    New Products
    A more aggressive thread design for increased initial stability recommended for cases such as poor bone quality and extraction sites
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    DIVA IMPLANTS | Innovative Closed Sinus Lift Technology
    With The Paltop Cutting Edge Manufacturing Technology
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    New ZEST Locators For Paltop Implants
    The LOCATOR implant Attachment is the premier system for implant retained overdentures, with the benefit of combating the damage done by the improper seating of overdentures. Now available for PALTOP implants for the Advanced and the Conical lines.
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    New Gold-Base UCLA
    Paltop Gold Base Castable Abutment may be used for casting individual abutments and screw-retained crowns/bridges directly to the implant connection. Paltop offers Gold Base Castable Abutments for Advanced Standard Platform, Advanced Narrow Platform and Conical connections. For each Platform, an Engage and a Non-Engage connection is available for multiple implant bridges.
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    New Implant Conical line
    The PALTOP® Conical Implant has all the advantages of the PALTOP Advanced implant System. The development of the PALTOP conical implant is a result of our 5 years of success with the PALTOP Advanced Dental Implant combined with the introduction of a unique conical connection design.
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    Multi Unit line
    The PALTOP® Multi unit system Provides a wide range of solutions for screw-Retained Restorations. There are a Variety of gingival heights And angulated abutments for angled implants As well as for narrow platform implants 3.25.
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    Paltop Surgical Kits
    PALTOP® is proud to present the new surgical kits. PALTOP has expanded its range of surgical kits to allow each doctor select the most suitable kit for himself. All three kits allow performing the full range of Paltop implants. The trays has clear pathway according to Paltop protocol with Color code That enables easy and clear procedure.
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    Paltop Osteotome Kit
    The PALTOP® osteotome kit is designed for the Paltop implant body geometry.
    The Paltop osteotome creates bone compression which produces a precise osteotomy, easy implant insertion and predictable implant stability.
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