Standard Platform
The PALTOP Advanced Implant Family line possesses a well established
internal hexagonal connection 2.5.
The PALTOP Standard Platform with a 2.5mm hexagonal connection
covers 3.75, 4.2 and 5.0mm implant diameters. These 3 implant diameters
utilize one line of prosthetic components. This will lead to reduced parts
in stock thus avoiding confusion and mistakes.
5.00mm 4.20mm 3.75mm
The PALTOP Narrow Platform
with a 2.0mm hexagonal connection
and a 3.25mm outer implant diameter
is dedicated to treatment of narrow
The PALTOP Narrow Platform has its
matching narrow prosthetic line. 3.0mm   3.25mm
Wide Platform
The PALTOP Wide Platform 6.0mm implant has an outer diameter of 6.0mm
and a 4.5mm hexagonal connection. It is designed for restoration of the
posterior regions and molar extraction sites. The PALTOP Wide Platform has
a matching wide prosthetic line. 6.00mm