Angulation Corrective System (ACS)

ACS abutments are for precision manufactured CAD/CAM screw retained restoration where angulation of the screw access hole is required for improved aesthetics and/or function.

The ACS system permits angulation of the screw access hole up to 20 degrees. This is achieved with the aid of a special designed abutment screw & screwdriver (hand or ratchet) to facilitate precise tightening of the abutment screw at the required torque.

  • The ACS system offers the dental technician control over the desired position of the screw access hole, this is beneficial in the anterior segment to ensure the screw access hole is in the cingulum area without compromising the buccal aspect of the soft tissue with the use of an angulated abutment.
  • In the posterior segment, the ACS system can offer a mesially inclined screw access hole for easy entry in cases where there is limited interocclusal space.
  • Angulation of the screw access hole to the palate or lingual aspect in the posterior zone will facilitate an uncompromised occlusal surface for improved aesthetics & function.