PALTOP Concepts of Esthetics CONCAVE
High Esthetic Line Prosthetic Emergence Profile
High Esthetics
The unique Concave design enables the mucosal tissue to form a dense layer surrounding the transgingival connection. This results in reduced tissue transparency and reduced metal visibility of the abutment.
Enhanced Gingival Healing
This innovative design creates an optimal emergence profile, enabling replacement of temporary prosthetics with fixed prosthetics without harming the newly formed tissue structure. This reduces the trauma to the implantation site and accelerates the healing process.
Normally doctors have to perform manual modifications to prosthetic parts during treatment to make them suitable for esthetic cases.
PALTOP offers prefabricated esthetic designed parts suitable for all restorative applications, all teeth position and for all treatment stages, including the healing period, impression taking, provisional restoration (using Peek) and final restoration, cemented and screw-retained.
All parts have an identical concave profile allowing the replacement of parts according to the treatment stage without causing additional trauma to the gingiva.