Paltop Countersink Kit
Countersinking is done to reduce excessive pressure (insertion torque) when fully seating the implant. This kit simplifies the drilling sequence by eliminating the need to use the next size up final drill for countersinking.

The kits includes 3 countersinks: 3.25/3.75, 4.2, 5.0/6.0. These sizes cover the full range of the Paltop implant series: 3.25,3.75,4.2,5.0,6.0.

Our new countersink kit is an excellent addition to our Premium, Basic and Compact surgical kits.
1 60-70145 Countersink for Ø3.25mm & Ø3.75mm Implants
1 60-70144 Countersink for Ø4.2mm Implant
1 60-70143 Countersink for Ø5mm & Ø6mm Implants