An innovative closed sinus lift technology that enables the easy and simple placement of implants into the sinus. Injection of Beta-TCP bone paste through the implant creates high quality bone in order to support implant stability. Easy-to-learn, cost effective and time saving with significantly lower risk of complications and patient discomfort.
Ø 3.75 mm L 11.5 mm 23-70001s
Ø 3.75 mm L 13 mm 23-70002s
Ø 4.2 mm L 11.5 mm 23-70003s
Ø 4.2 mm L 13 mm 23-70004s
Ø 5.0 mm L 11.5 mm 23-70005s
Ø 5.0 mm L 13 mm 23-70006s

*Available in EU, Coming soon in the US.

This product is not available in all markets
where PALTOP operates. In several countries
PALTOP has the marketing rights for this
product although not exclusively


The DIVA box contains:
  • DIVA Implant
  • Internal Screw Driver
  • Syringe
  • IV Cannula
  • Synthetic Bone
    (Cerasorb paste by CURASAN - Germany)
In order to place the DIVA implant the following DIVA osteotome should be purchase separately
(For the Ø 4.2 mm implants use the Ø2.2~Ø2.7 mm & the Ø2.7~Ø3.2 mm osteotomes and for the
Ø 5.0 mm implants use also the Ø3.2~Ø3.7 mm osteotome)
Ø2.2~Ø2.7 mm 60-70090
Ø2.7~Ø3.2 mm 60-70091
Ø3.2~Ø3.7 mm 60-70092