Dr. Nicolaos Mallios, Greece
62 years old healthy female came in the office complaining about her removable
prosthesis in the lower jaw. She had an implant retained removable prosthesis
based on two older Frialit implants placed back on 1999. She was fed up with the
poor stability and esthetics of the removable prosthesis and she wanted fixed
prosthodontics and better esthetics. Since there was no available bone at the lower
jaw behind the old implants (placed at the area of missing teeth No 34 &44) and the
inferior alveolar nerve was just under the alveolar ridge, we decided to insert new
implants in the available space between the two older ones. The decision was taken
and three new Paltop implants were placed at the corresponding area of missing teeth
No 43,42-41 & 33. I would have placed four implants but since they would have been
so close one to the other and esthetics and long term success would be compromised,
I decided to place three. The concept is to change the removable prosthesis with a new
fixed one which will arrive at the area of 36 & 46. The implants were selected and
inserted with very high initial stability (50-60 N/cm2) and so we went on to the immediate
loading protocol using one abutment one time multi unit abutments. Prosthesis was
delivered the next day by the technician and now the patient enjoy a fixed bridge with
all its advantages. Dr. Nicolaos Mallios C.V