PALTOP® System Four-Tier Advantage
From its conceptual stages, Paltop’s revolutionary implant and surgical system was engineered to marry quality with affordability in order to increase the performance and bottom-line of practitioners and to enhance customer satisfaction. The Paltop implant system was dreamed up and designed by global opinion leaders in Implantology and is produced by top manufacturing specialist, a veteran supplier to NASA, Intel and GE.

The implant system is based on four dimensions that reinforce one another to provide a superior product with quality and cost:

1) Aesthetics that patients and clinicians value
Unique concave design enables the soft tissue to form a dense layer surrounding the trans-gingival component, resulting in reduced tissue transparency and visibility. more

2) Simplicity that reduces chair-time and surgical complexity
Revolutionary surgical kit that consists of 8 total drills for any and all implants. All drills are designed as step-drills that lead the following drill to increase speed and accuracy. more

3) Immediacy enables immediate placement and loading
Fusion of tapered and cylindrical implant; the tapered component creates easy and safe insertion and the cylindrical component creates bone condensing for stability. more

4) Affordability reduces the cost of the implant system to increase profits
Leading edge manufacturing and innovative design will provide you with costs greater than 25% below leading brands while maintaining top leading brand quality. more