The Paltop Advanced Dental Solutions Implant System is made of biocompatible materials, anchors surgically and is positioned in the jaw bone underneath the gums to support an artificial crown where natural teeth are missing. The Paltop Advanced Dental Solutions Implant System is suitable for both one and two stage dental endosseous dental implant procedures, thus suitable for one or two surgical treatment stages needed for the placement of the implant.

Paltop implants are a suitable option for people who have lost a tooth (or teeth) due to periodontal disease, an injury or some other reasons.

Using the root form, (implants closest in size and shape to the natural tooth root), the bone healing period of Paltop Dental implants usually varies from as few as three months to six or more. During this period, osseointegration occurs. The bone grows in and around the implant creating a strong structural support, to which a superstructure will be attached later on either by cementation or screw tightening retaining technique.