PALTOP implants are packaged in our ISO Class 7 Clean Room. The implants are supplied in a sealed vial (tube), whereby, in order to prevent any contamination on the implant’s surface, the implant is inserted into the vial and does not touch any other material other than titanium.
The implant’s packaging is very comfortable for the end user. The implant can be easily pulled out of the titanium sleeve in which it is positioned.
The cover screw is positioned inside the lid that seals the tube for the user’s convenience and according to dentists’ standard procedures. Finally, the implant is mountless inside its packaging and is pulled out using a key or ratchet adaptor or motor.
Color Indication
The package is designed with a number of indications that ensure fast and reliable product identification:

1. Lid color indication – four colors represent different diameters: red, blue, green, and gold.
2. The label on the tube’s lid indicates the implant’s diameter and length.
3. A product characterization label is positioned outside the implant’s outer tube.