Packaged to Stay Clean

PALTOP dental implants are delivered in a uniquely designed protective packaging.

In this superior quality packaging the implant comes into contact only with titanium. The implant body is
protected inside a titanium crib, while its top contacts the head of the titanium cover screw. This prevents
exposure to any foreign materials that may contaminate the ultra-pure surface.

Packaging Components

The PALTOP implant is inserted into a a crib made of titanium alloy within a plastic sleeve. The cover screw is
positioned inside the lid that covers the sleeve for the user’s convenience and according to dentists’ standard
procedures. The cover screw is positioned in such a manner that the implant only comes in contact with the
titanium crib or cover screw and is not exposed to any foreign material.
The covered sleeve is then positioned inside a polystyrene vial and sealed with a polyethylene lid.
The vial is then covered with a plastic shrink packaging for double sealing.
The implant dimensions (length and diameter) are indicated clearly on the internal and external package.
  1. STYRON 637 Polystyrene
  2. MARLEX 9006 Polyethylene
  3. MARLEX 9006 Polyethylene
  4. Titanium Alloy Ti 6AI4V ELI
  5. Titanium Alloy Ti 6AI4V ELI
Packaged for Convenience
  • Delivered sterile and ready for use.
  • Compact for easy of storage in dental clinic.
  • Effective performance for ease of handling and use.
PALTOP’s package is designed and planned
with a number of indications that ensure
fast and reliable product identification:
  1. Lid color indication – four colors represent different
    diameters: red, blue, green, and yellow.
  2. The label on the tube’s lid indicates the implant’sr
    diameter and length.
  3. A product characterization label is positioned on the implant’s outer tube.
Advanced+ Implant Line PackagingPCA Implant Line Packaging
All PALTOP's Components are Delivered Sterile!
which is optimal for immediate use
Sticker Description
Unique Device Identification barcode system using GS-1 standard type GTIN-13 in compliance with new FDA requirements:

Supplier unique identity number - device unique identity number – part number – batch number – Expiry date
  1. Catalog number
  2. Batch number
  3. Manufacturer
  4. Product description
  5. European representative
  6. Use by date
  7. Do not re-use
  8. Sterilized using gamma radiation
  9. Caution, consult
    accompanying documents
  10. By prescription only
  11. Do not use if package is damaged
  12. CE mark