Drilling Sequences

The success of dental implants is based on a process known as osseointegration, which occurs when bone cells attach themselves directly to the titanium surface, essentially locking the implant into the jaw bone.
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Torque Table & Recommended Drill Speed
Table of screw setting torque & recommended drill speed
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Paltop Academy
Review Paltop Digital advanced digital technologies. We invite you to explore our guided surgical case studies and our compatible CAD/CAM software digital education.
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Paltop is going standard

As part of our ongoing effort to improve our service, we have standardized all of our product names, descriptions, and label formats.
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Ultra Pure Surface Technology
The new Paltop Advanced Dental Solutions Implant System is made of biocompatible materials, anchors surgically and is positioned in the jaw bone underneath the gums to support an artificial crown where natural teeth are missing.
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Instruction Videos
The surgical part of implant treatment must be preceded by a comprehensive patient evaluation, preoperative diagnostics and therapy planning.
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Studies and Publications
One-Year Survival Rate Outcomes of Innovative Dental Implants: A Prospective Clinical Study. Paltop Dental Implants Primary Stability Assessment. Tissue management and prosthetic considerations with immediate implantation in the anterior maxilla.
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Case Studies
Case study it's a research method that has place in many disciplines and professions. It's a short report of a case from the beginning to the end, including clinical pictures, RX and a short explication (methods, technics, treatment program, conclusions, etc.)
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Instructions for Use - Paltop Products

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