PALTOP Implant Drivers-Simple to Use
The screw drivers are made of stainless steel and have a hexagonal tip. They are fitted to all PALTOPtypes of implant connections, cover screws, healing abutment screws, final abutment screws and other pieces for removal and insertion of all PALTOP components.
Tool Versatility
Every tool can be used by hand, motor (contra angle) and ratchet. The tools enable conversion from one application to the other. All tools are designed with precision to assure their expected performance in all 3 tasks.
All PALTOP keys are equipped with easy to spot marking grooves that give the user
a clear and easy indication about the internal hex position of the implant.
A special elastomer durable rubber ball applies just the right amount of friction to the implant connection in order to enable safe delivery of the implant and easy release. This ensures the implant will never fall.
The 1.25mm hex driver is engineered and produced to ensure safe handling of the small cover screws and healing abutments
and utilizes a tapered effect for friction.
The Parallel Pin:
A 22mm length titanium tool is used for examining
the osteotomy position and angulation. The dentist
may use the parallel pin when drilling more than one osteotomy. The pin should be placed in the reference osteotomy before proceeding to the next drilling site. PALTOP’s parallel pins are marked every 2mm and have a narrow 1.5mm side for a 1.5mm drill and a wide 2.0mm side for a 2.0mm drill.
Hand Driver:
PALTOP’s Hand Driver is designed to match optimally to the dentist’s hand. Its weight helps to deliver the required torque to the implants. It is also equipped with a swivel mechanism for easy handling during implant insertion.
The probe with its safe flat head is used for verifying the drill depth.